Monday, May 3, 2010

Waves & Optics

I learned many things during this unit, including how to ray trace and how to work with waves, including light and color.  I learned how to use the equation and thing logically about optics, when referring to lenses and mirrors.  With waves, I learned about the doppler effect and its related equation, along with sound waves.
The difficulties in my studies were with not confusing mirrors and lenses.  They also came form deciphering diagrams and general word problems, referring to frequency.  The cases of waves refracting and transmitting were also difficult to understand.
My problem-solving skills seem to be doing me good, and I have been working to my best effort on challenging problems.  I am good at ray tracing and solving equations while my weakness arises from confusion between related topics.  Mirrors and lenses confuse one another but diagrams are easily drawn.  Overall, I think that I have succeeded in this unit.


  1. Thank you for once again going the extra mile as this reflection was not a requirement for all.
    A good connection to keep in mind is how reflection is the principle behind mirrors and refraction the one behind lenses. Thinking about that makes ray tracing easier as you know that light will bounce off mirrors and go through lenses. What do you think?

  2. I like that approach. Now, my confusion has been resolved. Thank you, Mrs. Gende!