Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Quote in the Honor of Albert Einstein!

March 14 is a day with a big significance in the scientific and mathematical world. Not only is it Pi Day, but it is also Albert Einstein's birthday. In his honor, I have picked out one of his quotes and am discussing it in the Prezi below. Happy Birthday Einstein, I hope that my analysis meets your expectations!

Albert Einstein's Quote Discussion

And in the honor of Pi day, I post a poem that will indeed say...

Roses are red, violets are blue
Pi is a number that is mighty fine
Practice often until it sticks
Practice when there's nothing else to do
Let no one ignorant of Pi enter this door
Numbers rule the Universe, I'm sure you'll agree!

Pi Day Poem: Mu Alpha Theta Shirt (2008-2009)
Million Digits of Pi:
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  1. WOW!! You really are amazing!
    That was a difficult quote to explain! Your dissection (so to speak) of the quote into the actual "quote" and its "implication" is very profound. I appreciate your insight very much.
    Now, with respect to creativity, thank you for using Prezi to express your thoughts, it gives it a special spin (pun intended)!
    Your Pi poem is great!!
    Thank you for sharing! I have learned a lot from you this year!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Gende, I appreciate your comments. I am also glad to say that I as well have learned a lot from you this year!