Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging on Halloween is Scary

Well, this is my Wordle. It is all about projectile motion. Like throwing a piece of popcorn at somebody in a movie theatre. Or perhaps even hitting a golf ball. Halloween will be coming up so lots of candy will be thrown around. Now I will be able to tell exactly where all of that candy will land. Using funky equations and tangents and whatnot.  But there is no need to worry, Buddha will help you relax. I would like to make an attribution to:


  1. I love your Buddhas!! Your mini intro about projectile motion is great. You may want to consider if you want to change the name of your blog as we will cover many more topics than motion and will use the same blog for the different projects.

  2. lol i love the buddha and its jaimacan accent! and cool Larry King Love back ground, look him up if u dont know what i just said.